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Celebrating 10 years of Sacred Sleep: A Fundraiser Featuring Martin Sheen

On the 10 year anniversary of The Gubbio Project, actor and activist Martin Sheen will speak with co-founder of the project, Shelly Roder, about Pope Francis's call to be a "poor Church for the poor," his upcoming movie, Trash, and creating a safe space for homeless neighbors at St. Boniface Church.

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Those we Fear - An Article by the Director

Fear of people who are living on the streets is a very real thing. When I have talked with other churches about the possibility of them allowing homeless people to sleep on the pews of their church, their first response is often fear. There is the fear of what the neighbors and/or parishioners would think and do; fear for the schoolchildren, and of the parents' reaction, if there is a school; and fear of the drug use by some of the homeless folks. Read more in our newsletter »

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