February 2014
 ~ Save the Date ~
Martin Sheen Returns to Gubbio 
for 10 year Anniversary!
Save the date on Thursday, March 27th, when actor and activitst, Martin Sheen will be returning to Gubbio for another speaking event! The Gubbio Project will be marking 10 years of "Sacred Sleep" in St Boniface Church this April and we want to celebrate with you and Martin Sheen!
As we pull together the details, please reserve the evening on your calendars for what will be a fantastic event featuring Mr. Sheen. Tickets are not yet available, announcement will be made via email and on website when it is possible to make reservations. 
All proceeds will benefit our work with those living on the streets. 
From our event with Mr. Sheen two year ago:
The Gubbio Project Presents a Night with Martin Sheen
Martin Sheen Event
at Gubbio, 2012

"Those We Fear" 

~ from the director


Fear of people who are living on the streets is a very real thing.  When I have talked with other churches about the possibility of them allowing homeless people to sleep on the pews of their church, their first response is often fear.  There is the fear of what the neighbors and/or parishioners would think and do; fear for the schoolchildren, and of the parents' reaction, if there is a school; and fear of the drug use by some of the homeless folks. 


The biggest fear, however, seems to be of the people themselves.  I get it.  Everyone has seen someone disheveled on the corner yelling loudly at a nonexistent enemy.  And at St. Boniface, there has been the occasional mass that has been interrupted by someone having an episode. 


But for every one person living on the streets who is shouting, there are 99 more who are not.  Or 999 who are not.  The Gubbio Project is celebrating being open for 10 years this April (2580 days of providing sacred sleep!). And while we have had some instances of uncertainty and instability with some of our guests that has made us rightfully fearful in the moment, we strive daily to see that those are isolated incidents and to see each person for who they are.  The fact is, we have never had a serious incident of violence in the 18,060 hours in which an average of 75 homeless, bone-tired, beautiful, cranky people have shared space together. 


Statistics like this should challenge the notions we and society have about our homeless brothers and sisters.  People without homes are far more likely to be the victims of crime than the perpetrators.  They are harassed, beaten up, assaulted, ignored, and stolen from.  One reason I want the churches to take our neighbors living on the street in, is because they need safe places to be.  Another is because I want the churches to take the lead in showing that what we should fear most is the damage that clinging to our stereotypes and fear of homeless people does to us, and to those we fear.

Tech Savvy? 

We're not...and we need someone who is! If you'd like to volunteer your skills to help us (and by extension our homeless guests) with general IT in our office, email lauras@thegubbioproject.org for more information. We're looking for someone who can answer questions and help out semi-regularly as issues come up.
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Martin Sheen Returns
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Spotlight on Ed Bowers

Ed recently joined our staff as an on-call Hospitality Monitor after years of faithful volunteer service to our project. Ed was originally connected to Gubbio through his work with our community partners, The Faithful Fools. Ed says, "Gubbio is in the business of making space available, while The Fools are in the business of making creativity available to those living on the streets. It's similar." Ed has continued volunteering over the years because, "it's the best shelter I know of; no lines, no wristbands and great vibes in the church. It's the kind of job I've always wanted."

Ed has lived in the Tenderloin for the past 10 years and he loves it. On the living in the Tenderloin: "It's a real neighborhood where people know each other and talk. It's really not as dangerous as people think because there are so many people around. People are honest and there is creativity. People care about each other here."

Ed is a writer and poet and runs the meditation zendo at The Faithful Fools. 
Glad to have you on the team Ed!