June 2013
Want to Give Back this Summer?
3 Ways to Help Gubbio out  
Shoes don't fit anymore? Donate used goods to
Community Thrift for the benefit of The Gubbio Project.

To find out what items can be accepted, click here.

Community Thrift
623 Valencia St
10a-5p everyday 
(415) 861-4910 

You don't need to be Martha Stewart to host a breakfast
for Gubbio Guests this summer. If you have a group that would like to come between July 1st- August 14th to make meal and sit down to share it with Gubbio guests, email emmaf@thegubbioproject.org.

Like parties? We do too! Why not host a House Party for
Gubbio? G
 et your friends together to learn about Gubbio, how you can help, and have a  good time!

Want to know more?
Email: emmaf@thegubbioproject.org 
"Common Space" -From the Director


One of the things that I find so special about Gubbio is that the church space is not just 'homeless space.' One could argue that folks who live on the streets should have a space just for themselves. Agreed. And there are places in the Tenderloin that fit that bill. But that is not what Gubbio is about. The church is community space, to be shared by all people. People don't think someone is homeless just because they are entering a church. In need, perhaps, but not any moreso than anyone else who enters a church in search of something. The church building provides a bit of anonymity, so in addition to being a 'sacred space' it is also a 'common space' - a space most often frequented during the week by Catholics or those interested in religious art; but in this case, also by those who need rest or a clean bathroom to use.


And this from Mother Teresa -  


"Being unwanted is the worst possible disease. Because for other ailments there are medicines and therapies, but for being unwanted, unless [we] care enough to love [each other] and help [each other] there can be no cure."  


Amen to that - let's find a cure!

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3 Ways to Help
From the Director
Spotlight: Zen Center
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Spotlight on SF Zen Center

Volunteers from the San Francisco Zen Center hosted a breakfast meal for Gubbio guests Wednesday, June 19th. Led by Zen Master Jeffrey Schneider, the group cooked a delicious meal of eggs baked on a bed of tomatoes and green peppers served with corn bread and biscotti, coffee and juice.


One Gubbio staff member observed that the volunteers had a wonderful presence of calm and understanding. Guests and volunteers shared the meal together per Gubbio custom. The SF Zen Center will cook for guests on two more occasions before the summer is over.   

Updates @ Gubbio   
- Archbishop Cordileone visits Gubbio. The Archbishop of San Francisco attended a Gubbio community breakfast last week and sat down to eat with guests.  

- Lasallian youth make sandwiches for Gubbio

100 high school students as part of a Lasallian youth conference made sandwiches for Gubbio guests. 
Gubbio Wish List: 
- Cough Drops
- Razors 
- Socks
- Sleeping bags