September 2013
Gubbio Extends Hours!
These gates will now be open until 3pm 
Thanks to a generous grant from The Celebrate Foundation, The Gubbio Project has extended "sacred sleep" hours! Previously, closing at 1:00pm, we are now able to be open until 3:00pm, an almost 30% expansion of service! Guests who come to rest can now lie down for over 8 hours.

We especially want to honor those behind The Celebrate Foundation for prioritizing safe, low-barrier day services for those who are homeless.The new schedule, which began in August 2013, is proving to be well-utilized already with 40-50 guests in the church each day at 2:00pm. We anticipate the numbers rising.  
Guests Speak

Below are quotes from guests in response to the question: "Why or why not do you feel welcome and/or belonging in our project?"

  • "It is a place where you can find yourself!"
  • "Make you feel at home."
  •  "Because Carlos and Tina treat people with love."
  • "Because they are always there for the community. The Lady Tina is very helpful."
  • "I'm not from here."
  • "It's welcoming, most don't allow in church."
  • "Grew up Catholic & Baptist, comfort in church."
  • "Safe"   
  • "It's the only home I have right now."   
  • "Staff are responsive and friendly. They take care of problems quickly and judiciously."
  •  "I'm not an animal, I'm a human being."
  • "Cuz no choice, why I'm here." 
Meet Amanda! 
Amanda is our new intern through Mennonite Voluntary Service. She has generously signed up to volunteer with us full-time for an entire year! Amazing! We are honored that Amanda has chosen to give a year of her life to benefit our project and the folks we serve.

While working here, she will divide her time between working in the Sanctuary as a Hospitality Monitor and in the office as "Donations Manager" along with other administrative and outreach duties.

Amanda hails from the great state of Iowa where she attended the University of Iowa and graduated with a degree in communications. In her free time Amanda enjoys rooting for her favorite team, the Lakers!

We are so excited to have Amanda on our team!
In This Issue
Gubbio Extends Hours!
Guests Speak
Meet Amanda!
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 Toiletry Tally 
Last fiscal year we collected and gave away thousands of toiletry items. Here are the totals:

Razors:                 3804  
Socks:                  3679 
Toiletry Kits:          3030  
Toothbrushes:        2065  
Blankets:              1339  
Clothing Vouchers: 1254  
Toothpaste:             631  
Cough drops:      Thousands! 
Donors Speak

The following quotes are excerpted from messages from our donors. Why do people support our project? Here's why:

"A lot of people talk a lot about what should be done, but very few people actually DO something. You folks rock!"

"Thank you for helping our neighbors in need."

"What a wonderful thing you are doing! The true Catholic way of life unlike the larger church is doing."

 "Thank you for your care of our son."

"Always thankful for folks like you."

"Love is shown more in deeds than in words." -Ignatius of Loyola" He apparently knows of you and your work. Thank you."

"Bless you in your good works. It is truly in the spirit of Father Francis."


Gubbio Community Jazz Brunch 

On November 11th, Veteran's Day, 2013, we will be hosting a celebration of our community with delicious food and live jazz music!

Mark your calendars; details will arrive soon!